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Intention Setting

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Your intentions support your goals from the inside out. They are a commitment of what you want to accomplish, not just achieving the end result.

Writing intentions for manifesting and then expecting them to just happen doesn’t really work. When people do intention setting this way, they get very disappointed and disheartened – to the point of just giving up. Intentions are the heart-felt dedication that keeps you on track.

When setting intentions, you need to really feel into them.

The Universe will help you, however you also need to put some effort in on your side as well.

  • Be specific with your intention

  • Write as if it is has already happened

  • Focus on how it feels

  • Be mindful with your choice of words

  • Detach from the outcome – intend for this or something better

Be specific with your intention and write it as if you already have it in your life.

Instead of writing down something that is airy fairy like ‘I want a new car’; write something with more grunt behind it such as ‘I am enjoying my new car that is racing red, with two doors and is a convertible.’ When you say each sentence, see how the second one has more weight and energy behind it. You don’t have to write an essay, but a few more details lets the Universe know what you are really after.

When you write and say your intention, close your eyes and really feel what it would be like to have it in your life right now. Visualise what your intention looks like, smell the leather seats, feel the wind in your hair while driving down the freeway and really bring it to life. Again, this is a powerful method of manifesting it into your life.

Be mindful with your choice of words.

Avoid using words such as ‘try, might, could and but’. These words don’t give that commitment of what you want to manifest. See the difference between these two sentences – ‘It might be nice to have a red convertible car’ or ‘I have a nice red convertible car that I love driving in’. The first sentence has uncertainty in it, whereas the second one has an end goal in mind.

Detach from the outcome.

We cannot always be in control of how we get to our end goal. Sometimes the Universe will take us on a path that may have a few hurdles, but it will still take us to our destination. You just need to let things take its course. Taking detours or the scenic route provides us with life lessons that help us develop and grow. We become a better version of ourselves. Look at any hurdles or challenges as navigating through an exciting adventure.

I always end my intentions with ‘this or something better’. Why limit yourself, the Universe may have something bigger and better in mind for you that you never really dreamed of. Don’t cut yourself short, aim for the stars!

It’s not just set and forget!

You still need to put some effort in to achieve your goal. Once you’ve set your intentions, sitting on the couch waiting for them to appear is unrealistic and this is where people get disappointed and feel that it doesn’t work. Plan steps that you can take to put yourself out there so the Universe can steer opportunities your way. Put your intentions somewhere you can see them every day – such as a vision board – so that you are reminded of what you are asking for.

You also need to keep yourself accountable with the steps you are taking. These steps need to have meaning so that you don’t fall off the wagon and ditch your goal. Remember the why? Why do you want what you are asking for? Keep it positive and use affirmations to help you through the process.

Have a diary or journal and an accountability partner so that you can keep track of your progress and know what else you need to do. Before too long, you will be well on your way in achieving what you are manifesting.

To learn more about 'Reclaiming your Goals and Dreams', check out my blog.

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