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Cleansing Your Crystals

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

There is a lot of information and debate about how you should cleanse your crystals and which are the right ways, but there is no simple answer other than just going with what resonates with you!

Crystals should be cleansed because they absorb energy not only from people, but the environment too. This energy could be positive or negative, but it is important to remove any negative energy so they can work effectively. It is also vital to cleanse any new crystals you bring home so that you are not bringing someone else’s energy into your space.

There are many ways to cleanse crystals; under running water, salt, sound, sage, mother earth, using larger crystals, breathwork, healing modalities such as Reiki, sunlight and under the moon.

There are some basic rules to follow for instance, certain crystals cannot be cleansed in water as they will degrade, some crystals can’t be cleansed in the sun as they will overheat or fade and some crystals may be too delicate to be buried in the earth.

The main ways I cleanse my crystals are:

  • Smoke/Incense/Sage

  • Sound

  • Running water

  • New or Full Moon

Most quartz family crystals and agates are usually safe to be cleansed in water, but a good rule of thumb is that many stones which end in “ite” are not water-friendly. A crystal that has a Mohs hardness of more than 6 and above, I will usually cleanse it in water, unless it is prone to side effects such as degrading or rust.

Sound and smoke are great because there is no damaging the crystal. With sound, I either use a singing bowl, drum or bells. You could even play music as sound breaks up stagnant energy and moves it on. For smoke, I use incense, sage or moving the crystal through the smoke of a burning candle.

When in doubt, smoke them out!

If you are unsure or don’t have a book on crystals, then I would go with smoke or sound to be on the safe side. Otherwise use google as you are more likely to find information on that crystal and whether or not it can be cleansed in water.

Under a New or Full Moon, the power is more amplified when cleansing and recharging your crystals. Moonlight is a natural deep cleanser and I tend to take all my crystals out every month or few months to do this. You can also place them inside by a window where the moon can be seen. I usually cleanse my crystals with one of the other methods first and then use the moonlight more for charging my crystals ready for when I want to use them.

Cleanse the crystals you use on a regular basis more often to keep them working at their optimum vibration!

If you want to know some basics on crystals, check out my blog 'Let's talk about Crystals!' To take the next step in working with your crystals once you have cleansed them, check out my blog on ‘Charging & Programming Your Crystals’.

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