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Charging & Programming Your Crystals

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Once you have picked your crystal, brought it home and cleansed it, the next step is to set the intention you want to use it for.

How you cleansed your crystal will determine whether you need to charge it so that the crystal is working at its highest vibration. Cleansing your crystals under sun or moonlight will also charge them at the same time, so if you didn’t cleanse your crystal using either of these methods, then you will need to charge them prior to programming them.

I charge my crystals under moonlight, usually on a Full Moon, as there are a number of crystals that cannot go in the sun due to fading. You can either leave them outside overnight or inside by a window where the moon can beam down on them. Don’t worry if it’s a cloudy night and you can’t see the moon, its energy will still charge your crystals. Check out my blog ‘Cleansing Your Crystals’ if you need more information on how to do this.

Once your crystal is charged you then want to program it with your intended use.

This will be different for everyone as we all have our own personal intentions and goals. The size and intended use of the crystal will also depend on how you program it.

Write down your intention first, so you are very clear on what you want to use your crystal for. Start with ‘I program this crystal for ……………..’ [fill in the blank]. Then find a quiet area where you will not be disturbed.

  • Hold the crystal in your dominant hand (if you are right-handed use that one otherwise use your left).

  • Close your eyes and centre yourself.

  • Visualise white light flowing down the top of your head (crown chakra) and through to your hand holding the crystal.

  • Really feel it and sit with that for a minute or two.

  • Out loud, state your intention for the crystal. Feel it as if you have already achieved it.

  • While still holding that vision and the energy of the light flowing through the crystal, repeat your intention statement 3 times.

  • Once you are finished, thank the Universe and open your eyes to be present again.

If you have a Geode or you cannot hold the crystal in your hand because it is too large, place it in front of you with your dominant hand on it and follow the same steps above.

Now that you have programmed your crystal, start using it to assist your intended use.

This could be carrying it with you in your bag or pocket, placing it in your home or office if it’s for space cleansing, wearing it if it is a piece of jewellery or a protective talisman, or put it in your pillowcase if the crystal is to aid with a restful night’s sleep.

Crystal Grids are wonderful with goal and intention setting.

If you want to learn more on 'Crystal Grids', check out my blog. I am currently working with a beautiful piece of Blue Apatite. It is a stone of manifestation and encourages growth of spirituality and health. I’m using it with my meditation in the morning for reducing stress and throughout the day it’s on my desk to remind me to connect with my personal power to assist others.

What crystal do you plan on using for your intention setting?

If you want to know some basics on crystals, check out my blog 'Let's talk about Crystals!' or my blog for tips on ‘Intention Setting’.

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