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~ Davidson, NSW

"Audra generously shares her knowledge of how we can use crystals and essential oils simply and easily to support our mental, emotional and physical wellness, thank you so much."

AromaTouch Technique Flyer Pic.jpg
~ Glenhaven, NSW

"I was not a huge fan of massages, however the AromaTouch Technique is definitely the most relaxing experience I've encountered. I would recommend for people who truly want to feel relaxed and not sore after a session. Walking away smelling the aroma of these beautiful essential oils makes you feel like you are still floating and that your body, mind and spirit are in harmony."

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~ Hornsby Heights, NSW

"For those that have asked me what I have been doing to help me feel better and relieve some anxiety I have, well so far in just two Reiki sessions with this lovely lady she has helped me shift things in place to work towards a better life balance and having a direction in where to work towards achieving my goals."

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