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Online Tarot Readings

Tarot is a wonderful tool to empower us in making our own decisions.  Life is not set in stone, we are the ones in control of it and can change the direction of our lives at any time.  Tarot can open our eyes to look at things a little differently and help us choose whether we decide to stay on that path or change it.


I assist clients to create their future not just predict it.  The way I approach Tarot is all about helping the client achieve their goals with useful strategies that they can work on to be in control of their future.  Below are a variety of online tarot readings available, however if there isn't one that suits your question, I will tailor one for you.  Go to 'Bookings & Prices' to request an Online Reading.

All questions are submitted via email and your reading will be sent to you as a pdf (portable document format).  An oracle card will also be included in every reading, as will a recommendation on crystals and essential oils that may be useful for you to work with.  Readings vary between 6 - 10 cards (depending on tarot spread used).


If you are looking for some guidance on the year ahead, this online reading gives you information on your personal year and how this interacts with the universal year.  It helps when you understand what’s going on with your energies and how they relate to the energies of the Universe. Once you know how to navigate these, you can plan your year accordingly.


The information you receive will include a short tarot reading on your Personal and Universal Year cards, including a 3 card next steps guidance. You will also receive your personal colours for the year and each month, your yearly theme, crystal suggestions, affirmations, a flower oracle card and suggested essential oils to help balance emotions

$47.00 for a limited time (normally $69.00)


This online tarot reading is for those wanting to release the energy from the previous year so that they can move forward without bringing it with them into the new year.

It gives you a snapshot of what may lay ahead in key areas of your life. Keep in mind that your future is not set in stone, you are the keeper of your destiny and can therefore change the course of your life's path.

Having an insight can guide you to understand where you are headed. Use this as a tool to help shape your future.


This online tarot reading is for those who feel stagnant or stuck in their current job. It will help to understand any obstacles you may face in your professional life and suggest strategies on how to deal with those issues.


Alternatively, if you are unhappy with your current career choice, this spread can suggest alternative paths based on your personal strengths.


Your future is not set in stone, therefore by having an insight into where you are headed gives you a choice on whether you want to stay on that path or change it.


This online tarot reading is for those who have come to a fork in the road and are unsure of the decision they need to make. We worry about whether we do something or don't do it and then if we have made the right decision.


This spread will help give you guidance to assist you with making that decision. There is no right or wrong because we will always learn a lesson along the way.


This online tarot reading is for those wanting to release things that no longer serve them. You need to acknowledge and accept negative feelings or situations that happen to you before you can let them go.


Bringing those feelings or negative situations to the surface and facing them makes it more fulfilling when you finally release them.  It makes way for you to bring more positive abundance into your life.


These online tarot readings have various spreads depending on the type of relationship question being asked.


If you are wanting guidance on a current relationship (personal/friendship) or needing some useful steps to find your soulmate then this will be helpful for you.


These readings are not for those wanting to see if their partner is cheating on them, how to get back with an ex or timelines on when they will meet Mr Tall Dark & Handsome.

I do not do third party readings to see what another person is doing, that is not part of my Tarot Ethics.

It is to give you strategies on how to better your relationships whether that be with a partner or a friend.


These online tarot readings are for those wanting to be more in touch with the moon or seasonal cycles.  From Full or New Moons to Spring or Autumn Equinoxes and Summer or Winter Solstices.  We can take advantage of these special times of the year to plan our journey forward.


Each moon phase has a different rhythm depending on what zodiac sign is highlighted.  Even if it's not your birth sign, you can still tap into that energy to help you embrace or release certain aspects of your life during those periods.

Seasons also have certain energy during each cycle going through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Again, tapping into the magic of those times can help highlight certain things going on in your life and how you can best utilise that energy.

If the above tarot spreads are not suited to your question, I will tailor one for you.

Please click the link below to email me your question or any other enquiry you may have.

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