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Audra Dover

My name is Audra and I assist people to balance their energy so they can feel in alignment with their mind, body and spirit.  When your energy is in perfect balance you are less stressed, excited about life, you radiate with confidence, decision making is easier, relationships flourish and the life of your dreams seems more like becoming reality.


Since working in the corporate world as an executive assistant for over 25 years I have not only seen firsthand, but experienced myself how stress & pressure can take a toll on our health and wellbeing.  I needed to find something that would help me reduce the stress in my life to maintain an overall healthy balance.  Exercise is a wonderful stress reducer, however it isn’t for everyone and sometimes you need more to also nourish your mind and spirit.  That was when I turned to Reiki and Crystal Chakra Balancing.

After experiencing the wonderful benefits that energy healing did for my mind and body, it inspired me to become a certified Reiki Practitioner so that I could assist others to bring balance and harmony back into their lives.  Empowering people to take charge of their own health and wellbeing so they can fully function in their everyday lives is something that I would like to help others do.


Energy healing aims to clear, balance and restore your physical and energetic systems while facilitating the body’s natural healing abilities.  Sometimes we have blockages that need clearing. Once cleared, it allows life force energy to flow freely through us so we can perform at our best and move stagnant energy within our environment.  This assists with attracting abundance and creates more harmony within us and our lives.  Energy healing is not a replacement therapy, but a ‘complimentary’ one that works alongside other medical and therapeutic techniques.

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My Mission

My mission is to assist women who have a lot going on in their life and would like to make their health and wellbeing a priority.  We all need to stop putting ourselves on the bottom of the list.  Whether you are a mum juggling a family, a career woman, someone trying to find themselves again or all of these things, then you need to make sure you are working at your optimal best so that you can do what it is you want to do.


Relieving stress, improving your concentration, releasing emotional blocks, finding that sense of worth and having the confidence to put your best foot forward are all things that energy healing can help you with.  Having balance and harmony within yourself doesn’t have to feel like it’s out of reach.  Changing your mindset is the hardest part to improving your wellbeing, so making the decision to invest in yourself is taking your first step towards supporting and maintaining a healthy mind and body – inside and out.


Empowering women to take charge of their health and wellbeing by bringing balance and harmony back to their body, mind and spirit is something that I want to help them do.  Feeling good about yourself and loving who you are is an important aspect that we all should have in our lives.  You are the narrator of your story, don’t just be a passenger who is taken along for the ride, be the director and steer your life in the direction you want your destiny to go.

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